the spastic society

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the pirate's purple boner wife
( ・д・)/--=≡(((卍

sally, 24, secretly a samurai with a gimp leg, masquerading as a disabled uni student

I have bright red hair
and I really like ueda tatsuya
(lies), alex as a verb, always win rikkai dai, at mount zoomer, baba's adieu hands, baba's leer, bb³, being a hypocritical weed, being masa's cripple, bizarre sensations, black humour lol, blurka blur, bump of chicken, capslock flail spazz spam, cheers!!!, curvy redheads are hot, daily naps, david bowie is king, eating many mints, escape goats, fine young cannibal's riff, foreign movies okay, genki the hot lesbian, haru-chan's ping pong!!!, haruki murakami is hot, hiromi brings sexy giggles, holding it in, how funny i am, i know the pureboys, imaginary friends called alex, japan is my home, kat-tun, kei-chan's mum jumpers, kentarou no umanami, kentarou's sweaty hands, kido yuya, kintakuya, kouhei as kanye west, laughing inappropriately, lupen crook, making fun of everything, masa is number 1!!!, masa's fanboying of takui, masa's recession, masa's shortcomings, masa's yellow pants, mending of the gown, miura haruma, more brownie less macha, mozart is my idol, musicals are life, my own private idaho, myself as the champion, nakagauchi masataka: my bff, nooo christian, okki's waving, omg daniel no, ou instead of o, ouji's inherent weirdness, politically charged history, porn in books, prince of tennis: crack, reinaldo arenas:god of gay, rikkaimyu never stops, river phoenix didn't die, russian literature: real angst, ryu/hat-wearing dog, s instead of z, samurai hair, sato yuichi is mine, sleeping through important parts, sondheim wrote my life, spencer krug, stds make babies, sunset rubdown, talking to ghosts, that's not appropriate!, the arcade fire pwn, the last (nothing), ueda tatsuya, ueda taught me boxing, ueda the king troll, ueda's giggle, ueda's hair changes, up on your leopard, wada taiske, watermelon initiations, we remember bedrooms, wearing masa's hat, weird movies, winged/wicked things, wolf parade, you're a samurai too?!?, yuichi is my retard, yuichi smoking houseplants, yuichi's gummy smile, yuichi+takuya=bff, 上田竜也, 中河内雅貴,

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