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/it's all just one giant in joke/

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we all have difficulties that must be overcome
so let us gambarimasa
and reach for that shining sun together!


Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo.

I wish I still updated my LJ more often. I spam my friends snapchat pictures all day because all I ever want to talk about is my life in Tokyo. Photos of my current ... life? Ridiculous carrying-ons? Who even knows.

My current life in pictures.Collapse )

Ah, this post is so silly. I miss blogging though. I should... endeavour to do more. I should make more of a record of this happy time in my life.

Doing the ningen dance.

I'm nearly 25. I spend most of my days exercising, studying Japanese and singing j-pop. I keep wondering when I'll become an adult! Maybe it happened without me noticing. My family dared me on Christmas to sing something in Japanese, so I did KAT-TUN's Real Face rap and everyone was beside themselves in hysterics. Then today I punched my brother in the arm for beating me at Mario Kart. So perhaps the adult part hasn't happened yet.

I change my hair like UedaCollapse )
To be honest, my hair changes are probably the most interesting thing about me.

I don't know why I'm using LJ a bit lately! Perhaps it's that end of year nostalgia. I am having a certain fondness for days of walking stick where I sat on LJ all day and brought the news of Masa to the masses. Retiring as the God of Fandom was definitely a life changing move.


What a long day! Filming for over six hours -- suddenly I have way more respect for people who do this for a living. "Okay Sally, now say your line again, but this time I want you to face Tom and hold eye contact at the end." "Okay Sally, we're going to retake the last three scenes because I don't like the angle width, so we're changing camera." "Okay Sally, I need you to sit still in every take and look demure." ...... FOR SIX HOURS. URGH.

My script (which is pretty funny, I think!) is basically a bachelorette style dating show including a talent segment, a culture quiz and a kendo battle. I play the bachelorette, so my role is definitely the most boring, but I have to sit in every scene and react. My costume is a light summer yukata with bunnies, a red obi, red glasses and a short black haired wig. So hot!

The contestants get to pick what they want to do for the talent segment, and Lauren decided she wanted to do a karate demonstration against a giant Yoshi. When she said "giant Yoshi plushie" I didn't quite expect it to be .. well ...

Like thisCollapse )

Lollerskates, big silly rant deleted. Shall just leave:


Things I need to do tomorrow that I've put off ALL WEEK:

1. Three loads of laundry
2. Make my Japanese culture quiz
3. Decide whether to continue my application for Tokyo this summer (it's down to 10 people and 2 get picked...)
4. Buy groceries for my colonoscopy approved diet that includes no vegetables, rice, red meat, oil, fat, dairy. Um.
5. Change all my addresses from Coffs Harbour, especially the bank because my visa expires next month
6. Start getting some of my damn medical rebates so I'm not hundreds of dollars out of pocket!
7. Make plans to cry for a few hours in fear of the coming weekend of DOOM
Ahem. So. About a month ago, I made a five minute video about tenimyu for class. It is, quite literally, HORRIBLE and inaccurate with poor Japanese. But apparently I tricked my teacher into liking it! She gave me the highest mark in the class, FOR SOME REASON. I put it to the sheer wtf nature of the topic I chose. We had to chose a part of Japanese culture that interested us and make it into a presentation. What is more interesting to me than boys singing, dancing and playing tennis? Also, I was drunk in the video because I was so tired from editing and making it that when it came down to me filming myself I couldn't keep my eyes open. But despite all that, I hope you get a laugh out of this as much as my family did:

Oh, and you know what my teacher said? She was glad that someone did something "that was very unexpected". Most people did calligraphy, cooking or origami - things that everyone already knows about! So perhaps I got extra marks for creativity. Also, she wrote on my feedback form that to make it better, I should have talked about its impact on youth culture. Um. I'm not sure how young the people are who go to tenimyu. Most people seem to be 18+. No need to freak my teacher out talking about those who like to perv on young boys playing, dancing and singing about tennis. Me included!

namida namida namida

Joking, joking. There are no tears to be had! I am kind of relieved that there are about two people left who read my LJ. And the two of them are my two truest online tomodachi, so big smiles big fun all around!

I was remembering something Liv told me back in 2009 about how the best way to learn a language was via translation. Ho hum. I have been reading a lot of blogs lately. I could totally do that, just for my own enjoyment. Because, who cares right? My free space!

Subba Dos is invading my life one more. Juhi urgh. JUHI. Why must she continue to be the most awesome person in the world and yet someone who manages to annoy me more than ANYONE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE? I got her watching my favourite anime of all time, Hikaru no Go. It has the greatest love story I've ever seen and I quietly linked her to a million fanfics and doujinshi. She LOVES that stuff. So today while we were chatting on steam (gaming client)? She pens to me this idea she has for a doujinshi. "We can work on the Japanese together" she says. Because Juhi, as well as being very attractive, can draw VERY WELL. She did a sketch of the two of us for my birthday! Could I be bothered to find it ... hang on.

The picture came out awfully. Take my word for it! So she can draw and wants to make a slash doujinshi with me. In the same day, she breaks all our plans for this weekend, and then wants me to study with her tonight DESPITE KNOWING that I would be grouchy. And then she made me laugh all night.



Might go to karaoke tomorrow! I have to thank kurayamihimitsu for getting me into the idea of karaoke. I cannot sing at all. BUT OF COURSE SUBBA DOS CAN. Juhi, thank you for always being good at everything. Of course, me being me, I sing as awfully as possible just to showcase MY talents, as in, not caring about being bad at things.

It is 3am so I should probably sleep. There was interesting grammar today in class about transitive verbs and particles and surprisingly, for the first time, I understood it straight away without needing to spend time going over it later on. Happy Sally is happy!


Oh hey enthusiasm for life, YOU TOOK A HOLIDAY, now it's time to come back! I must admit, I spent all day playing video games. Well. A video game. Persona 3 on the PS2 because well, I could. But I shouldn't have! I should have studied more, cleaned my room, stretched out my body some more because ow, fibro hurts, but no. NONE OF THAT HAPPENED.

I think to solve all my problems, I should just dye my hair another colour.

OBSERVE: The many colours of Sally's hairCollapse )

Poll #1834800 SALLY'S HAIR

Which hair colours did you like?

Disgusting mess of everything
Gross red brown mess

Which should I go back to/keep?

Red brown gross mess

Will my hair fall out in 10 years from dyeing?

Hopefully! Haha, female Jackal.
Probably not, Sally.

What do you think about the fact that I ate the yoghurt that had sat on my floor for two days?

To be completely honest, I just want to curl up and cry for awhile. We're saying goodbye to my beautiful dog Nala this weekend.

Picture of mah babyCollapse )

Forever 19.

Many boring things:

+ Farewell, jdramas. Nice to know you! Hilarious that the first time I have an interest in watching one in years and it is gone. Still, I started watching Samurai High School for Miura Haruma. It is so funny, I am literally in hysterics making snorting noises and clapping my hands like a seal. Surprise surprise though, Shirota is one of the other leads who is perhaps the biggest uke I've ever seen on a TV show. He literally wants Haruma to bone him 100% of the time, it's a bit off putting. Random Doori appearances too. That kid grew up pretty well!

+ So much exciting fandom stuff apparently exists these days. Part of me wishes I never stepped back from it! But, I am hesitant to step back into it now. Most of my problem is that I don't think I have a single friend left who is around and in fandom. Once you stop talking about fandom, stop participating - your friends dwindle considerably. 100% my fault though, because I have a bad habit of stopping talking to people because I feel pressure to be interesting and worth being friends with, and without fandom, I am not much more than bad spelling and enthusiasm.

Many blatheringsCollapse )

Herp a derp one day at a time.


I am so exhausted. I spent the last week writing a 6500 word assignment in Japanese. It is, without a doubt, the hardest thing I've ever done in school. I suppose I didn't COMPLETELY do it alone, but Juhi's contributing help was "let me just run this through google translate" <- how about, no. Armed with a million grammar books, vocab books and dictionaries - I am actually mildly proud of what I did! Compared to the rush job that was my tenimyu video (me hilariously talking about tenimyu for five minutes) my script of a dating show isn't too bad! Over the course of three segments, the bachelorette chooses who she wants to go on a date with. Surprise twist ending when one of the contestants ends up being a girl.

My favourite partCollapse )

And yes, I am blathering on about not much. But I really wanted to talk about my assignment! Because! My family would blankface, and no one else actually cares, so LJ, hello, be my sounding board and feed me cookies.

But actually. The realisation that I've come to? WHY AM I STUDYING JAPANESE? I am SO terrible at it. I am so much better at academic style writing. I continuously continuously am studying Japanese - I couldn't immerse myself more if I tried. I'm just not getting much better. I'm going to hit the age of thirty and still be stuck in the immediate levels, making an idiot out of myself.

Though I specialise at that in life. No one else quite manages to reach the levels of embarrassment that I do. Like throwing up in class last week, all over myself. In a white shirt. Luckily I live on campus! It was a simple matter of, oh, back in ten minutes. Home, quick shower, change clothes, back like nothing happened! My alien hand has been misbehaving too. I went to hand my exam back to my teacher and I wouldn't let it go! She was looking at me like I was pulling some weird prank that she didn't understand. Juhi casually opened my hand and gave it to the teacher and said, "Now now right hand, no need to show off." It was all kinds of hilarious to me, but the teacher just kept blankfacing.

Oh well. I am going to study NOTHING today after handing my script in yesterday. I'm exhausted. Audio book and cross-stitching time I think! Something relaxing with Stephen Fry narrating I think.

RandomlyCollapse )

I do not understand relationships.

Greetings one and all!

I have a question.

If someone asks you to get a matching tattoo with them, is that still platonic? As in, we were kind of a thing, she got a boyfriend, I got annoyed, we were friends again, she met my family, now she wants a matching tattoo type of confusion.


PS: Oops at me never using livejournal. I bought a piano! It's lovely.

Music makes the heart grow fonderCollapse )

OH LOOK. My house is for sale!


yeah, indeed, yo
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